My fleet of Airplanes-All Electric..all the time


Here is a listing of all my aircraft pages


Trex 500

Trex 600


Neptune Seaplane

Groove Project

Superextra 3D



Pitts Project

Tiny Project

Yellow Aircraft Cap232 Project

E3D Project

But wait-a shot of my old workshop and now the new one

Unbelievable huh? The kids are fascinated..the wife terrified.

workshp2.jpg (300881 bytes)

New workshop-much more space!                                                     After a year or so, it is starting to fill up


Now 5 years later-still crowded but more high tech (well maybe)

wkshp8-8.jpg (817000 bytes)

wrkshp09.jpg (207928 bytes)wkshop9.jpg (193167 bytes)

And here it is in 2009 hard to find room for any new planes                                     And looking to the north===lots of planes on the ceiling



My latest Biplane is a Pitts:

pitts.jpg (56502 bytes)

Pitts Project

My other  biplane that flies very well-I have not wrung it out yet, but it is a great performer

biplan1.jpg (136104 bytes)Reactor Biplane

A helicopter-I said I would never do it...but you can fly them inside!!!

blade.jpg (79861 bytes)

Banchee Mini 3D. Flies very nice and spins fast

mini3d.jpg (527439 bytes)


My Pigi-hopefully a somewhat indestructable and light 3D-its foam

pigi.jpg (29589 bytes) cool plane huh?

My favorite plane---they are getting bigger...its called a Banchee

banshee.jpg (21825 bytes)

TINYX-shown below under construction and completed

This is my newest plane-the TinyX 2 with all the parts from the above (wrecked) plane with the addition of a brushless motor and Kokan Lithium Polymer batteries. I am getting 30 minutes per pack!!

A Mustang. Flies funny, not a favorite



This is the Blierot electric-which I have crashed enumerable times-I just keep patching it together.


Tiny Project



This is my last gas plane. I bought it just as I began to get into electrics. I may at some point convert it to Electric (see below)

Yellow Aircraft Cap232 Project 


E3D Project

Electric Cap 232 Project

The latest finished plane (12/03)

Groove Project

This is another larger (48" wingspan) Bill Stevens

Plane I am constructing. I started it in August 03 and this is completion as of December 03

Cap 232 (40E) Project

Index of Aircraft


updated 12/09